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Tracking volunteer hours

We want to remind you to keep track of your volunteer hours. At the end of the school year, all volunteer hours are tallied and a report is forwarded to the FBISD.

Why track volunteer hours:
  • This data represents a statistical snapshot of what you are accomplishing on your campus and tells your story to the community.
  • Tracking volunteer data is a valuable tool in detailing and highlighting how volunteers impact not only the students but the community.
  • Volunteer hours are part of the summative data for your school and becomes part of the overall campus evaluation.
  • Volunteers are valuable to campus and District programs.
  • Many grants, as well as state and federally funded programs, require an accurate reflection of volunteer hours.

How to track volunteer hours:

  • Sign in at the school office when you are on campus to volunteer.  This also helps enforce security at the school.
  • Fill out the volunteer hours track sheet for volunteer work done away from the school and/or outside school hours.  Just print the pta volunteer hours tally sheet below, fill it out and drop it off.


PTA Volunteer Hours Tally Sheet







1. Sign in at the school office when you are on campus to volunteer. (Signing in at the office also helps protect our children’s security and helps emergency personnel if there is an emergency while you are on campus).