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About us


The PTA is a grassroots organization made up of parents, teachers and others around the community who have an interest in children, families and schools.   Membership is open to anyone concerned with the education, health and welfare of children.  Studies have shown that membership in PTA provides your child and other children around you with a greater chance of achieving in school.  As a PTA member, you are more likely to be an informed, involved parent.


Build a strong and sustainable partnership between the parents, teachers and community of CSE


  • Provide programs to supplement and enhance the education of our children
  • Build the school community by encouraging broad communication 
  • Tap into the local business community for sponsorship and fund-raising to support the PTA mission

Your participation and membership encourages several programs in the school. Please help us continue this positive trend by signing-up for membership. The cost is very nominal at $ 8.00 for the whole year per person.